Length Check After Chop 10.29.14

Hello Hello! After I chopped I wore my hair curly for a few days but then realized I needed to do a length check post so I can have an idea of where I am restarting from. Before we get … Continue reading

Garlic Oil, Does it really work? & Is it worth it?

HelloHelloo there!   Recently I have been dealing with extreme bouts of shedding. Like when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Much more than usual. Like every time I comb my hair or even run my fingers through it while … Continue reading

Hair Length Measurement 6.26.14

With Tape Measure! So in my last post I mentioned I was trying out the Inversion method to see if I can really achieve 1 inch of growth in 7 days. Now I am skeptical as HELL. But its only … Continue reading

Curly Vs. Straight : The Battle Continues…

Curly Vs. Straight : The Battle Continues…

Curly Hair (more like poofy here lol) vs Straight hair! The battle continues! WHO WILL WIN!?   Hey everyone! hope all is well, So an update on my hair, I once again being the indecisive impatient hair person I am, … Continue reading

Protective Stylin On You: Big Bun

Protective Stylin On You: Big Bun

Hello Loves!  I hope everyone has been doing well!!!       *Now I know I’ve said it before but I am REEEEAALLYYY, REEEEAAALLLYYY ganna try this time to do a whole month of protective styling since the summer is coming … Continue reading

How To Maintain Two Textures For Transitioners

Hey y’all, you guys know I’ve been transitioning for quite sometime now, (1year 7months 3weeks and 6 days now to be exact) so I decided to make a short lil’ list of some techniques I’ve used to maintain these two … Continue reading