Big Chop!?!

Big Chop!?!

Nah Jk 🙂 This was my Faux or Fake Bob Attempt. I wanted to see what I would look like with short hair if I big chopped. I think I could werk it. 🙂 photos of how I did it … Continue reading

Black Hair: ‘The Melissa Harris-Perry Show’ Gives A Crash Course in Black Hair


“Just like that other N word, You probably shouldn’t use it. “

Hair lengths and acronyms explained!

Hair lengths and acronyms explained!

This pic is too legit2quit. Soo self explanatory except for.. they left out TWA’s :O The little bit of hair the model has on her head would be considered a twa: teeny weeny afro. I’m on my way to mbl. … Continue reading

Feels so Real -Patrice Rushen (oldskoolsoulskool)

aww yisssss dats dat music fo’ yo mama & dem. lol

way before my time haha

I know my mom stayyyyyyyed bumpin this

-_- ❤

Sprite HOC (High Output Capacity) Shower Filter Review

Sprite HOC (High Output Capacity) Shower Filter Review

So yesterday I was saying I had just gotten my Sprite shower filter in the mail, here’s my full review. This is what their website says about it, “High-Output High Capacity Filter Reversible Filter Cartridge (Model HOC) Ultra-High Strength Housing … Continue reading

Ok it’s late but OHMAGAWD I just got my Sprite h.o.c shower filter

Ok so I got my shower filter today!!!
And all I can say is ohmylawdsweetbabyjeesus where have you been all my life?!

It was like the most fantastic awesome amazingly “clean” feeling shower ever.
I have some hard water in my part of the city and all I can say is the water just smells clean now, not like chlorine & chemicals n shizz. It made my skin sooooo sooo soo soft :O
And not all sick dry and itchy like before. I love this thing.

I can’t wait to try it on my hair, today’s wash day failed and has to roll over to tomorrow because


I’ll post pics later I’m tired.