What A Relaxer Does To Your Hair

A nice video I came across from GreenBeautyChannel on Youtube.

She goes in depth to show just how damaging the chemicals in relaxers are, in the start of the video she does a test on a strand of her own shed hair, leaving it in the relaxer solution for 8 hours and ended up completely dissolving the hair.



I found this video to be extremely informative and well done.

More than enough reasons to keep me focused on staying natural.

Ugh to relax or not to relax…that is the question.

So recently I have been fluttering in my resolve to stay natural. Yes I said it, I have been getting the strongest urges to go back to relaxing my hair. I mean I love seeing my cute little curls coming in but I hate hate hate the long ass drawnout detangling sessions.

I’m at a point in my hair journey where I could go either way. With the natural route I would have to continue cutting off relaxed ends bit by bit and I think that would take a whole year for all of my relaxed parts to be gone.


I could continue to tex-lax and retain a massive amount of length but face a lifetime of dependency on relaxing


Just for my sake which style do you think fits my face better?

I need help.