In need of a haircut…

Ive recently reached my goal of midback length but I was looking at my ends and I desperately need at least one to two inches cut off. My biggest fear after reading some of the horror stories girls post of scissor happy stylists who end up taking them from bsl to nl, is losing all this length I’ve worked so hard to keep.


I’ve read so many awful posts about “jealous” stylists and people who just didn’t know how to properly handle black hair which inevitably ended up in setbacks, which is the last thing I’m looking to do.

I honestly haven’t had my hair cut professionally since I was like 15 so I have no idea where I should even be looking to get the job done.  I need to find a good stylist in my area

I’m kinda afraid to even get it done, so much so that I’m considering to just continue trimming it myself. #yolo

Stylists do Nia Long's hair backstage at The H...